Here at Advanced Machining NW,Inc. we currently are a CNC milling house that specializes in the machining of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Plastic. We do volumes from 1 to several thousand pieces with high precision and quality, we routinely hold tolerances of .0005". Our lead times normally run between two days and 4 weeks and we always deliver on time. We have three new Haas CNC mill VF2 supper speeds with 4th axis. We also have very good measuring equipment ( Brown & Sharp, Starrett, Tesa, etc. ). The size of parts that we work with run between 14" x 28" down to .050"x .050". This is a relatively new company started in Dec of 2012, but we are not new to the Spokane area as I have worked as a Mold Maker and Toolmaker for the last 40+ years in Spokane and have spent the last 7 yrs doing custom and prototype machining. My partner is a graduate of the state Aerospace Apprentice Training Program. We are ITAR certified!